“The Blues” - Architects

The blues have wrapped their arms around me; I wish I was you instead.

I went to go see these guys in San Francisco, opening for BMTH. I knew who they were but never really heard their music. I came in to the not so crowded floor at the Fillmore, and The Architects were maybe two songs into the set. I have to say, I was shocked at how good they were  and their energy and stage presence worked on the Fillmore’s stage, viciously close to the audience. I think about 90 seconds in, I was totally blown away and was convinced these guys should be headlining. Suffice it to say, Oli and the lads were worthy of headlining and blew the roof off in their epic set, of which Sam Carter joined for more than just a song or two.

Basically, now I am convinced that The Architects are THAT band; the one I’ve been looking for this whole time. Ever since that show, I have become obsessed with all their records (the ones with Sam), and know these guys are going to keep delivering. 

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